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‘The Hand That First Held Mine’ by Maggie O’Farrell

This book made me cry! And that never happens! Weeks after I had finished reading it I had to keep stopping myself from picking it up for a second time. While terribly romantic it is nothing like the usual mushy, generic novels that should be avoided at all costs 🙂

The book is about 2 couples living in 2 different times. The first pair are Lexie and Innes. Lexie Sinclair is a ‘caged bird’ type of character who at the age of 17 is itching to get out of her suffocating country home, this is when she meets Innes Kent. Innes is an eccentric, lovable character who whisks Lexie away to a new life in bustling Bohemian London. As soon as their romance begins it is clear that Innes, who is considerably older than Lexie, has personal issues and a cluttered past however this doesn’t stop the fact that they are an undeniably perfect pair.

In the present day, we meet our second couple; Elina and Ted who are struggling to cope with the birth of their new baby. Elina is suffering from memory loss and while Ted helps her piece her life back together he starts getting some much older flashbacks of his own.

This book drew me in at the very beginning. My only negative comment (which is more a confession than a comment) is that I much preferred Lexie and Innes’ storyline and part of me wished the whole book was just about them! As the story progresses however you start to realise that the 2 couples are somehow connected and there is a very cleverly executed conclusion to it all!

Verdict: I can’t recommend it enough!


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Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

The 2 main characters love each other and drive each other insane as a result (they are actually properly mental).

Almost everyone dies from rather vague illnesses.

There’s plenty of borderline incest and domestic violence.

Without a doubt it’s a far cry from your run of the mill romantic novel but the characters (particularly Heathcliff) are fantastic and really stick in your mind afterwards.

Verdict: I’ve poked this book 6 times, give it a go!

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At long and dear last!

I officially could not put this off any longer! When you’re procrastinating about procrastinating you know it’s time to just bite the bullet and get on with it. If you’re still puzzled about my blogs title then take a quick look at the ‘about me’ section and hopefully it will clear things up. For my first review I am going to very briefly talk about an all time favourite of mine; Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Enjoy!

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