‘Tuck Everlasting’ by Natalie Babbitt

What a pretty little book! Although it is a children’s classic, I re-read it only recently and it certainly hadn’t lost its charm. The story is about Winnie Foster; a little girl who is being smothered in her strict home surrounded by iron gates. When the opportunity arises to escape she runs into the surrounding forest where she meets Jesse Tuck drinking some water from a spring. As the book goes on we learn that the spring grants the gift of immortality to anyone who drinks from it. In an attempt to convince Winnie of the importance of keeping the spring a secret, Jesse brings her back to his home where we meet the rest of the family.

The book has an interesting and slightly more complicated storyline than is expected for most children’s books. It raises a lot of deep moral issues about mortality which would go right over children’s heads but means the book is still interesting for adults. If you need to get a present for a child it’s a sure winner, but maybe for those aged 10+. Give it a read before you wrap it up, they’ll never know!


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  1. Great present suggestion!! With pictures like those, who could resist!!

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