Twenty years. Two people…One godawful book!

One Day by David Nicholls



One Day by David Nicholls book cover With claims to success like these you can’t blame me for thinking this book was surely worth a read…so where do I begin?

Dexter and Emma are the main characters, aka Dex and Em (ugh!). They meet on graduation night of college and over the next 20 years stay in touch as “friends”. The first thing that really annoyed me was that it’s so clear from the very beginning that they are not “friends”. Dexter is a self-obsessed moron who completely uses Emma to bitch about his problems to whenever he gets bored and Emma, who is madly in love with him comes running at his beckoning call. Not only is the storyline trying to convince us that their relationship is something it so obviously isn’t but the characters are totally unlovable and quite frankly really really irritating!

When they eventually got together (shocking!!), the will to live had been so completely drained out of me that I hardly batted an eyelid. Who cares? It’s not romantic that after a failed marriage and whoring around for 20 years Dexter finally decides that the most convenient option is to just settle for Emma and that Emma is so weak a person that she is actually happy about it. It was a complete struggle and a test of endurance to finish it and the first thing I did was go online to see if fellow book lovers shared my feelings; apparently not. While the general consensus is that the book is fantastic, and I completely respect that,  I personally think it’s not good when a book makes you wish it was a living thing so you can get some sort of retribution.



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7 responses to “Twenty years. Two people…One godawful book!

  1. PaPa

    A splendid written review,

  2. Totally agree! Found it dreadfully boring! Glad someone else shares my opinion!! No way will I ever watch the movie!

  3. Thanks for the comments! Glad ye like it and yes definitely don’t watch the film, it’s just as bad if not worse!

  4. Such a banal book. Completely agree.

  5. WDLady

    Wow! Thank God I didn’t read this book! LOL xD! I don’t really read romance novels, because there’s only so much that I can stand before I start rolling my eyes. I did hear about the movie, but nothing really special or great about it.

    Thank you for sharing this rant! I think you should talk more about books you don’t like and make a whole page about it. 😀 I like reading what people don’t like in books more than what people liked in books…I know, that sounds so weird, doesn’t it?

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